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Cha-Mei Tang
President and CEO

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Creatv’s revolutionary blood biomarker and innovative platform provides a highly personalized test called LifeTracDx liquid biopsy with broad clinical applications for cancer. LifeTracDx can screen for cancer and provide prognosis. ? Screen for cancer, single cancer or pan cancer ? Detect residual disease ? Detect recurrence earlier than imaging LifeTracDx also can provide a variety of diagnostics for patients with cancer. ? Provide companion/complementary diagnostics without tissue biopsy ? Provide prognosis ? Predict treatment response after new therapy ? Monitor therapy ? Provide copious unfragmented tumor DNA for sequencing Our LifeTracDx liquid biopsy is applicable to all solid tumors, all stages of cancer, and all therapies. Clinical applications of these highly sensitive and specific tests will reduce morbidity and significantly improve patient outcomes.

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