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Braingrade is developing a brain co-processor, the next-generation brain-machine interface to enhance human cognition. As it?s first indication, the company is targeting Alzheimer?s Disease (AD). The Braingrade memory implant is a fully implantable (invisible, under the skin) deep brain stimulator. The device is capable of detecting abnormal neural activity across multiple brain regions and applying AI-optimized, patterned, electrical stimulation to rectify affected memory circuit oscillations and restore healthy brain activity. It does this through novel probes that use a new material allowing more electrodes at a smaller scale. Braingrade is comprised of a team of experts in all facets of neuro-engineering, with a proven track record of collectively developing and commercialising neuromodulation devices and includes executives and founders of Neuralink, Paradromics & Blackrock as well as DARPA Scientists.

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