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BCN Biosciences, based in Pasadena CA, is developing two distinct novel classes of small molecules developed through our proprietary platform of phenotypic screening and AI based mechanism identification. We have a platform of small molecule assets that are all under composition of matter patents. The primary molecules have demonstrated significant efficacy against KRAS mutant cancers and secondary molecules are effective in protection of normal tissues against radiation and chemo toxicity.

BCN000 class of molecules: BCN077 is a small molecule represented by this class of drugs which inhibit GSK-3b with consequent potent inhibition of KRAS mutant cancers. The novel mechanism of action involves the restoration of PTEN expression which is known to induce cell death in Oncogenic KRAS tumors. In addition, we have demonstrated that this class of small molecule drugs can induce durable inhibition of PD-1 expression on Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes.
BCN500 class of molecules: This class of drugs agonize the Fzd5 receptor and are exceptional protector of normal epithelial tissues against radiation and chemo induced mucositis, epithelial fibrosis, enteritis and proctitis.