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Able Innovations is solving the repetitive and labor-intensive task of lateral supine patient transfers (e.g., moving patients from beds to stretchers, imaging tables, etc.) by developing devices that allow staff to conduct transfers using a single caregiver. Our first product, the ALTA Platform?, is an intelligent, robotic device roughly the size of a gurney. The ALTA Platform? integrates recent computational, material, and drivetrain advancements to realize a transfer platform that can safely roll under and lift patients. We have thus focused on delivering a product that is intuitive and easy to operate. The ALTA Platform? was designed with frontline staff in mind. We believe that the only way to make caregiving more sustainable with rising patient acuity and an older workforce is to reduce staff burden. Those ultimately using our product include caregivers, healthcare workers, nurses, and orderlies. We provide a dignified care experience for both patients and staff.