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Thrive Bioscience, located in the Boston area, offers customers a family of instruments and software that provide imaging, analytics, and automation for reproducible adherent cell culture.

Thrive’s instruments use AI, robotics, and analytics to enhance and automate cell culture and stem cell culture (including iPSC’s) for biomedical research & production of cell therapeutics. The applications of Thrive’s instruments includes drug discovery/development, cancer research, assay development and validation, in vitro toxicology, infectious disease research growing stem cells (including iPSC’s), and regenerative medicine.

Thrive launched sales in October 2020 of the CellAssist, which images and analyzes all the cells in a plate, not just cells chosen during typical manual inspection. Minutes after inserting any standard 6- through 96-wells plate, the CellAssist captures, displays, and processes hundreds to thousands of high-resolution images at 4x or 10x, using phase contrast or bright-field.

The CellAssist’s visualization and analysis software provides researchers the ability to comprehensively review of images and metrics of the entire history of a project from one’s office or from the laboratory. Using barcodes to identify plates and reagents, CellAssist maintains a complete, centralized record of the growth and behavior of all cells.