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Kenneth Bates
Founder and CEO

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Bates Medical Systems, BMS, is an early stage company focused on the early detection of breast cancer with the goal of replacing mammography with a system that is comfortable, safe, and precise.  BMS’s key innovation is a product platform where a succession of advanced breast imaging technologies will be added as they are clinically proven.  The first product in this series, an automated breast ultrasound system or ABUS, address key problems in the billion-dollar rapidly growing ABUS market.  It is based on patent pending transduction and scanning technologies that allow for constant submillimeter resolution throughout the entire breast volume including the axilla; something that no other ultrasound product can match.  It is a fully automated system where the sensors never touch the breast.  This design leads to patient comfort, good clinical throughput, high clinical value and, due to its unique features, lower lifecycle costs.