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Alphyn Biologics, LLC, is improving therapy for diseases with suboptimal or no effective therapeutics, solving the largest and most serious diseases facing humankind. The Company is doing so with its platform AB-101 patent-pending plant derived biomaterial that has multiple bio-active compounds. AB-101’s multiple bio-actives allow it to both treat and cure many different diseases, and, provide multiple ways to attack each disease while extending useful drug life by reducing the possibilities for diseases and bacteria to develop resistance, leading the way in a new class of drugs called Multi-Target Therapeutics.

Alphyn’s initial products establish a deep and rich dermatology product pipeline and then expands to other disease and therapeutic areas. Alphyn’s first product will treat Infected (Impetiginized) Eczema including in the regulatory approved label those infections caused by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Alphyn’s second products is targeted to expand the indication to treat Moderate to Severe Eczema. Alphyn anticipates it will be the first with an MRSA label and the first to treat both Infected Eczema and those infections caused by MRSA. Infected Eczema is serious and a growing dermatological problem with suboptimal therapeutics and steadily increasing risk of MRSA drug resistant infection. A recent advancement in clinical understanding of the causes of Eczema is Staph bacteria including its MRSA version are a major irritant to Eczema and make Eczema worse 4, 5 causing infection, itching, inflammation, skin damage.