Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Wednesday, March 15
4:00 – 5:00pm ET

At YouthBio Therapeutics, we’re developing partial reprogramming gene therapies that rejuvenate tissues, improve organ function, and prevent age-related diseases. Our aim is to restore a more youthful gene expression profile in targeted cells to achieve positive therapeutic effects in corresponding organs.

Our long-term vision is to develop a combination therapy that can periodically rejuvenate multiple key organs, leading to systemic rejuvenation. To achieve this goal, we are developing organ-specific therapies that are first being tested in major age-related diseases associated with those organs, such as Alzheimer’s and progeria. We’re also searching for new rejuvenating factors to enhance treatment safety and developing a tissue-specific gene delivery and induction platform for our combination therapies.

We are currently raising $3.5 million to fund preclinical studies of our tissue-specific therapies in the CNS, rare diseases, and dermatology areas, and to expand our search for novel rejuvenating factors and develop our tissue-specific platform.

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Yuri Deigin