Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Thursday, March 16
4:00 – 5:00pm ET

Theradaptive is an MIT spin-out that has developed a precision therapeutic delivery platform. Using its proprietary platform Theradaptive can convert any recombinant protein into a variant that can be painted onto implantable materials. This makes it possible to coat implants, devices, and injectable carriers to deliver a therapeutic directly to where it is needed most while avoiding systemic exposures that can lead to adverse events. Theradaptive has developed a targeted therapeutics delivery platform that enhances efficacy while reducing off target side effects in a variety of indications including immuno-oncology, degenerative diseases and musculoskeletal repair. By delivering therapeutic agents with local precision and persistence, Theradaptive’s platform enables a new standard of care in a range of indications that were previous off limits. By being more targeted, the need for a high dose usually required when delivering systematically is negated, decreasing adverse events.

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Luis Alvarez