Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Wednesday, March 15
4:00 – 5:00pm ET

Just as insulin was discovered to be the missing protein in Type I Diabetes, TearSolutions’ founder discovered the missing protein in ALL forms of Dry Eye Disease (this has been independently validated in the seminal publication in the field – DEWS II TFOS), which he named lacritin. TearSolutions is developing peptides derived from lacritin that provide what no other products have been able to: a novel mechanism of action that leads to fast relief for a majority of patients, a safe and comfortable drop and our first-in-human study of 204 patients shows that we can hit FDA approvable signs and symptoms in one trial. We are currently raising $10M to get our lead asset, Lacripep, back into the clinic for a phase II study and for phase III preparedness. We’ve already attracted an ophthalmic strategic to this round of financing and soft-circled $3-4M from current investors.

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Anil Asrani