Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Oncology Therapeutics

Thursday, March 16
1:00 – 2:00pm ET

TATUM bioscience is a biotechnology company developing first-in-class multipronged intratumoral immunotherapies to crack cancer resistances and the team is backed by an advisory board of world-class experts, such as Dr. Howard Kaufman, former president of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. TATUM has built a synthetic biology platform to develop a new class of drug based on engineered phages capable of multitasking therapeutic activities. This best-in-class modality combines multiple immunotherapies on a single agent to crack cancer resistances by leveraging an iterative combinatorial approach during drug development. When benchmarked against commercialized checkpoint inhibitor, TATUM’s candidates achieve unparalleled clearance of PD-L1 resistant tumors by igniting a full-blown and systemic antitumor response. TATUM’s multipronged immunotherapy is thus poised to bring a therapeutic solution to the large portion of patients suffering from cancer, but who do not respond to current immunotherapies.

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Jean-François Millau

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