Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Medical Device

Tuesday, March 14
1:00 – 2:00pm ET

SmartBreast empowers the 50% of women who have dense breasts to defeat their cancer through early detection and treatment. We provide the clinically proven best imaging device, Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), that matches the high sensitivity of MRI but is much more specific, comfortable, and five times less expensive. Investment in SmartBreast will facilitate widespread accessibility to FDA-cleared and reimbursed MBI, thus impacting many saved lives and saving the high costs of late-stage cancer treatment. Through digital marketing and face-to-face sales, we approach future MBI users (breast radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists) who become the hospital champions that help us sell the decision-makers. In fact, just six breast cancers detected early rather than in late stage today will save enough in treatment costs to pay for an MBI scanner. The SmartBreast team has the most experience with technology, marketing, and sales of MBI, significantly derisking execution.

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James Hugg