Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Thursday, March 16
9:00 – 10:00am ET

Recognized as the 2022 Top Emerging Company at BIO International, SiVEC Biotechnologies has developed BactPac™, a live biotherapeutic delivery platform to enable the next generation of nucleic acid and gene editing therapies. BactPac is engineered to produce therapeutic payloads (mRNA, siRNA, proteins, and CRISPR/Cas) and safely deliver these payloads to targeted tissues (e.g., pancreas, lungs, heart and brain) that cannot be targeted by viral vectors and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). BactPac can generate large and varied therapeutic moieties that have applications in a wide range of disease indications, including cancer, genetic, infectious, and chronic diseases. Using the BactPac platform, SiVEC is developing a first-in-class therapeutic pipeline targeting a range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, respiratory diseases, and rare genetic diseases. SiVEC has secured nearly $4M in NIH SBIR funding, has a strong patent portfolio, and has an early collaboration with a gene-editing company. We are seeking a $7M seed investment.

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