Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Tuesday, March 14
3:00 – 4:00pm ET

Problem: the rapidly growing POC test market seeks faster diagnostic results, with no laboratory. Most POC tests are the easy to use, lateral flow format – but not easy to develop or manufacture. Specialized instruments can cost $20K to several $100K, along with humidity-controlled rooms. Production equipment is more expensive. Few companies are equipped to develop/produce rapid diagnostic tests. Given this bottleneck, global rapid test shortages abound when pandemics strike.

Solution. “MiCRIA”, a patent-pending, 2-minute – start to finish — diagnostic test. Almost 10 times faster than lateral flow. MiCRIA tests are based on particles (not membranes), with a generic disposable. We use bulk processes to develop and scale a test with no specialized, expensive instrumentation. Scale up can be done quickly to make, e.g., 1M tests/day. Worldwide, we enable this capability in any basic laboratory that wants to develop/produce their own commercial tests using our MiCRIA system and reagents.

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JD Roth

Executive Summary

2 Minute, Decentralized, Open System — POC Testing Platform

3rd Generation of Device Development

  • What is it: Rapid, 2 minute POC test with fluorescent readout
  • The technology: Microfluidics, particles, fluorescence detection
  • IP protection: Patent pending, top 10 Patent Firm
  • Product: Consumable test devices with ultraportable low-cost reader
  • User interface: Smartphone or other mobile device
  • Analytics: Cloud-based analytics for data interpretation
  • Accessibility: Open platform that will create a worldwide community of users developing their own tests using MiCRIA™ components
  • Manufacturing: Replaces manufacturing of current membrane-based rapid tests with bulk processes. Consumable test reagents made anywhere
  • Infinitely Scalable: a small, basically equipped lab can readily develop a test in 2-3 days and make 1 million tests/day. Levels playing field