Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Tuesday, March 14
9:00 – 10:00am ET

Selmod is a startup with a mission dedicated to the development of new antibiotics and antifungal therapies needed to address the critical unmet need for antimicrobial resistance. With our first-in-class approach, we perform preclinical research on new targets or new modalities on established or new validated targets. Our drug candidates are active against multi-resistant clinical isolates in infection in-vivo studies and are based on new IP-protected chemical modalities. We offer the opportunity to invest up to 4 million EUR/CHF in our 3 preclinical research assets. Investments are done in individual pre-clinical research projects to advance them to the next value-creation milestones. IND ready studies, conclude lead optimization or conclude lead finding. A Selmod leadership team is a group of highly motivated individuals, focused on developing new therapies for AMR infections, experienced pharma professionals, or expert scientific advisors from Europe and North America.

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Frank Gombert