Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Thursday, March 16
9:00 – 10:00am ET

NemaGen Discoveries is a New Jersey-based, early phase bio-pharmaceutical company that is advancing therapies for patients suffering from allergic, mast cell-related, and inflammatory diseases. NemaGen’s mission is to advance medicines that eliminate diseases at their source. The initial drug therapy that NemaGen is developing is a small molecule drug inhibitor that prevents the development of allergies, asthma, and rare mast cell diseases from their source; by directly blocking mast cell development from mast cell progenitor cells. Thirty-two million Americans suffer from these diseases, which result in $56 billion dollars in healthcare related expenses each year, and no approved drug therapy specifically targets mast cell progenitor cells. Additionally, NemaGen has an early pipeline program for a biologic-based drug therapy that targets chronic lung fibrosis at its source, the cytokines that drive this disease.

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Nick Shubin