Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Tuesday, March 14
3:00 – 4:00pm ET

myBiometry’s mission is to stop asthma attacks before they happen. Our solution combines a mobile app, sensor, and device with a care team to identify patients at risk and proactively intervene to prevent attacks from occurring. The solution’s novelty is our patented sensor and device technology to measure an exhaled biomarker of airway inflammation at home (think diabetes sensor + breathalyzer). The biomarker is part of the US and global asthma guidelines, but testing is only available in the lab. Daily biomarker data can identify patients at risk before they become symptomatic. It also biologically determines adherence, efficacy of medication, and exposure to environmental triggers. We combine it with other clinical and environmental factors to build personalized, predictive models for each patient. We leverage our data to proactively engage patients before symptoms and attacks occur and provide guideline-based coaching and education to improve self-monitoring and management.

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Bryan Nolan