Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Thursday, March 16
4:00 – 5:00pm ET

Kortuc, Inc. is a clinical, late-stage biopharma company developing a radiosensitizer drug called “KORTUC”, which safely improves radiotherapy (“RT”) effectiveness and, based on initial studies, also improves immunotherapy treatment with RT. KORTUC is a highly differentiated and well-defined solution with an addressable global market of 1.5 million cancer patients/year for whom radiotherapy does not work. Assuming competitive product pricing per patient, the total market size will be over $50 billion. The problem of hypoxia in a tumor is substantial; it kills tens of thousands of people each year. Due to in-tumor hypoxia, the more a tumor grows, the higher the risk of RT treatment not working. Currently there are still no real solutions to this problem; KORTUC, however, is positioned to safely solve the hypoxia conundrum. The Company has very limited competition, a well-protected IP solution and a highly experienced executive team.

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