Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Oncology Therapeutics

Thursday, March 16
1:00 – 2:00pm ET

GV20 Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company with sites in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Shanghai, China. Its proprietary technology platform STEAD integrates high-throughput CRISPR functional genomic screens, artificial intelligence, and big data bioinformatics to exploit cancer vulnerabilities and find antibody drugs. STEAD uses bioinformatics extract tumor-infiltrating antibody sequences from tumor RNA-seq profiles, and AI to predict the targets of these antibodies. GV20 AI can not only de novo design antibodies against tumor targets enriched in functional binders and good developability profiles, but also rank immunogenic targets by their antibody signals in tumors. Applying the STEAD platform, GV20 identified a novel innate immune checkpoint in solid tumors with antigen presentation defects. The lead antibody against this checkpoint demonstrated single-agent efficacy as well as synergy with anti-PD1 in tumor inhibition in multiple syngeneic tumor models. The lead program received IND approval from the FDA, with anticipated first patient dosing in the US in Q1.2023.

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