Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

AI-Leveraging Life Science

Wednesday, March 15
3:00 – 4:00pm ET

Minimally invasive therapies depend on imaging. Modern procedures can no longer be done with simple linear advance and retract motions, they require a series of complex sharp, precise turns. Today, operators interpret 2D views to navigate the ultimate complex moving 3D structure, the heart. To do this, they rely on harmful radiation and contrast to see a 2D projection of their tools and anatomy, or struggle with a specialized team to obtain and communicate ultrasound. EchoPixel’s FDA-cleared Holographic Therapy Guidance (HTG) helps operators easily obtain, visualize and navigate a real-time 4D hologram of a patient’s heart using standard medical images. This allows them to: clearly identify tools relative to the anatomy, simplify navigation in 4D, use less contrast, radiation and smaller teams. A holographic digital twin of the patient simplifies procedures allowing more operators and heart centers to take advantage of new opportunities to improve outcomes and precision medicine.

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