Innovator’s Pitch Challenge

Medical Devices

Wednesday, March 15
9:00 – 10:00am ET

Celero has developed an ingestible platform called the Rescue-Rx which is a combination drug/device that resides in the stomach up to 7 days, autonomously monitors patient’s vital signs and delivers medication when needed. For its first indication, detection and reversal of opioid overdose, the Rescue-Rx is taken prophylactically once a week. If opioid induced respiratory depression is detected, an opioid antagonist is released reversing the overdose. Rescue-Rx is the first solution opioid harm reduction solution for the patient (versus from a 3rd party). Daily reports on the patient’s vital signs allows the patient and physician to confer over the patient’s response to the medication (opioids) and adjust as necessary. Pain specialists, when adjusting opioid medications to treat pain, have been in the dark as to how the patient is responding. Now the physician can review patient response to medication changes and address possible adverse events before they become an issue.

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