Innovator’s Pitch Challenge


Tuesday, March 14
3:00 – 4:00pm ET

3Dio has developed, and will manufacture and sell a new 3D intra-oral X-ray imaging device that is quick, convenient and easy to use for both patients and the professional.  The images obtained provide cellular level resolution which is about 5X better than current 3D dental imaging technology.  It is expected that 3D intra-oral imaging will become the new standard of care for dental diagnostics, just as 2D mammography was replaced by 3D imaging. With cellular-level image resolution, 3Dio will be able to detect all dental pathologies at a much higher level of performance than current imaging technology, and will particularly impact the diagnosis of cracked teeth, periodontal disease, and early-stage caries, and provide better information for planning root canals, implants, and other dental procedures than traditional 2D X-ray imaging. The long-term US market alone for this new imaging device appears to be more than $7B.

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Douglas Hansen