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SmartHealth Catalyzer builds and seed funds biomedical startup companies around the most promising innovations being developed at Midwest universities and research hospitals. We partner with the top 40 Midwest universities and research hospitals to discover the most prolific and most promising biomedical innovators. We have a rigorous due diligence process leveraging 150+ biomedical experts, the Ops Team. Along with the Ops Team, we take an extremely active role in each startup, providing operational leadership, biomedical expertise, and seed funding.  We are building the hub for Midwest Biomedical Venture Creation.

The Midwest is NOT flyover country. Midwest universities and research hospitals represent 20% of all NIH grant funding, that’s $8.2 billion in funding in 2021 alone for what could be life-saving, life-changing biomedical innovations. Yet, biomedical spinouts from Midwest universities and research hospitals receive only 5% of all venture capital going to biomedical spinouts in the US.

Why so little VC funding in the Midwest? It is hard to reach all the institutions and all the innovative scientists.  And, the scientist is simply not equipped to even start down the path towards commercialization.

What exactly is SmartHealth doing? We build and seed fund startups around the most promising biomedical innovations in the Midwest, aka Midwest Biomedical Venture Creation.

What is SmartHealth doing that others haven’t? We are partnered with 40 Midwest universities and research hospitals and working with leading innovators from each institution.

How do we do it? It has taken a number of years, but we have amassed a large team of bioentrepreneurs, well over 150, who each have invaluable experience and expertise across all things biomedical. We call it the Ops Team.

Why are we doing this? The marketplace is inefficient and we have a solution to catalyze the enormous untapped potential of Midwest biomedical innovations.  And, our Midwest roots run deep.