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At Bold View Capital, we help scientific start-up companies get the analytical instrumentation they need through financing and leasing.

Although Bold View Capital’s services are enjoyed by well-established companies, we specialize in assisting early stage (seed & series) start-up companies with their equipment financing needs.

Bold View Capital is not a broker. We finance all transactions internally through our parent company, Black Forest Ventures. This allows greater flexibility in structuring lease transactions.

Our knowledge of science, start-ups and financing has made Bold View Capital a preferred partner for early-stage companies looking to finance scientific instrumentation. Bold View Capital has financed $1B+ of scientific instrumentation over the last 30 years.

Why Leasing for Start-Ups?

  1. Pre-Revenue and Have Limited Funds to Purchase Instrumentation
  2. Scientific Instrumentation is a Necessity
  3. Traditional Financing Not Available
  4. Prefer Debt Financing to Diluting Equity

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