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Every year about 175,000 patients with cancer suffer from a malignant pleural effusion, which is the collection of fluid between the lung and chest wall. When this happens the patient must be hospitalized to drain the fluid and then the lung must be adhered to the rib cage. The process of doing this is called pleurodesis in which talc is instilled into the pleural space, but the only existing product does not allow for easy application of a uniform layer of talc throughout the pleural space. Pleurafoam™, is designed to improve the management and outcomes of patients with malignant pleural effusions by using a unique foam formulation that improves coverage, regardless as to whether the procedure is performed in the operating room or at the bedside. The product has been designed to cover the entire pleural space, which will provide more uniform delivery of the active ingredient, talc. The product favors therapeutic bedside pleurodesis over other modalities because it is more effective, less costly, easier to use, and less invasive.

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