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OncoXome was founded in January 2021, incorporated as a Delware C corp, and currently located in Los Angeles, California. We are 3 co-founders: Dr. Erick Gamelin, MD, PhD, CEO and CSO, Dr. Laurence Hanes, MD, PhD, Chief Regulatory Officer and Auriane Gamelin, MBA, COO. OncoXome’s objectives are to bring to patients with advanced cancer an innovative therapeutic approach while preventing cancer drug resistance. Our concept is based on oncogene addiction and cell communication. Through our platforms combining CRISPR gene editing therapy and a systemic delivery by heterologous cancer-derived exosomes, we achieve the knockout of driving oncogenes therefore inducing cancer cell death and by targeting multi-cooperative oncogenes, we prevent cancer resistance. Our in vitro proof of concept demonstrates it, achieving over 90% cancer cell death with one short exposure. We adopt a comprehensive approach delivering directly into cancer cells multiple messages targeting any of the 14 known KRAS mutations driving pancreatic, colorectal and lung cancers.

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