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At NuRelm, we have over 20 years of experience partnering with clients and collaborators, listening to their needs, and solving sophisticated mobile and web application challenges. We work primarily with university and commercial innovators, with many projects in the biomedical sector. We pride ourselves in our “concept to commercialization” model for private and public sector clients alike.

Executive Summary

NuRelm is a 22 year old software development firm that finds, funds, builds collaborations around, creates, and markets digital health technologies. Specifically, we have a deep portfolio of passive sensing and mobile health apps, and a broad network of academic innovators with whom we partner.

One of our products, MoodRing, is a system to monitor the digital biomarkers of depression through passive sensing. MoodRing’s focus is on adolescent depression. This is a growing problem which, although we know how to treat it, largely goes untreated due to the systemic difficulty of providing the close monitoring required to know who to treat. MoodRing solves that systemic issue by providing very accurate, continuous monitoring of the digital biomarkers of depression. This is a game-changing approach that we think is the future of mental health.

We have built a passive sensing pipeline and proven that MoodRing works to predict changes in depression with a successful Phase 1 SBIR from NIMH, and have begun working on Phase 2, which includes $1.6M of funding from NIMH and $500k from NuRelm to refine the digital biomarker models, complete the product, and recruit early customers.

We are looking for a partner who is interested in working closely with us to build the team and approach that will take a fully developed and de-risked, game-changing digital health technology from the early markets we will build to large-scale growth.