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MicroQuin are an IND-stage company and raising a seed round. We are looking for investors to co-invest alongside one committed VC. We specialize across 3 programs, Oncology with data showing our IV drugs in vitro induce >90% cancer cell death in 96hrs and in vivo showing >95% reduction in tumor size and volume by 20-25 days. Our anti-virals work across Sars-CoV-2, Influenza A, OC43, RSV and Adenovirus with between 75-100% viral inhibition from a single dose. Our neurodegenerative work shows we can either slow, stop or revert Parkinson’s disease by inhibiting cell death and stopping misfolded protein aggregation. All of our data shows our drugs are wholly NON-TOXIC. MicroQuin recently signed an NCEA agreement with the NIH/NIAID – this presents an extremely rare opportunity with minimal risk, as the development and financial risk for therapeutic progression into clinic is largely bore by the NIH/NIAID