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Eric Silver
Founder and CEO

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Imagine Scientific, Inc. was founded in 2015 as an R&D company with the objective of developing the first, cost-effective monochromatic X-ray sources that can be incorporated into X-ray and CT medical imaging systems. The founders of the company recognized that monochromatic X-rays arguably represent the most significant enhancement to medical imaging by offering better detection, lower radiation exposure to patients and more patient-friendly procedures (esp. for women undergoing mammography), without adding to the cost of medical imaging. The company is addressing breast cancer screening as its first application, recognizing that early-stage breast cancer, especially in the 40% of US women with dense breast tissue (BI-RAD categories 3 and 4), is likely the most significant unmet need in medical imaging, contributing to greater morbidity and mortality in women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The core competencies of the company include physics, X-ray spectroscopy and imaging, materials analysis and engineering pertinent to the developments undertaken by the company. The company is leveraging the 30+ years of research in experimental astrophysics at leading institutions by its founder, Dr. Eric Silver. Much of the research was translatable to the work performed by Imagine Scientific.

Dr. Silver is supported by a number of engineers and scientists with extensive background in imaging technologies, as well as an advisory board with experts in radiation safety, diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, and epidemiology from leading US academic research and medical centers.

The company has recruited veteran executives from the imaging industry to its board of directors, who offer the management of the company guidance and support. The company has also entered into a long-term relationship with Boston MedTech Advisors (“BMTA”), a Boston-based consulting group to assist in areas that include regulatory affairs, clinical trials and market and business strategy.

The company’s most recent publication in a major peer-reviewed journal has generated positive press and testimonials from leaders in medical imaging.