Explaining the Process of Engagement


This panel focuses on angels in Biotech investment and how angels assess current biotech investment trends and criteria. Topics may include:

  • Types of deals Biotech angels like to do
  • What it’s like to work with an angel investor
  • How biotech and investment landscapes evolving

Angel investors have been one of the first go-to investors as an incredibly important source of capital for fundraising entrepreneurs. Panelists will highlight the perspective of an angel when approaching a deal in the space. Angels will explain their investment preferences and their evaluation criteria, and provide overall advice in how to approach and build relationships with them. The panel will serve as an educational opportunity for scientist entrepreneurs to better understand the trends in angel investment in the bio-pharmaceutical field.


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Yaniv Sneor, Founding Member, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (Moderator)

Yaniv Sneor is a (reformed) physicist, who made the transition into the business world after being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Yaniv has been involved in founding, growing, managing and re-engineering companies for the past 25+ years, in multiple industries. He ran companies of different sizes and at different life-stages, led re-structuring activities, purchased and sold multiple companies, and negotiated and integrated joint ventures and strategic relationships.Yaniv is one of the founders of MABA – Mid Atlantic Bio Angels ( a life science angel investor group. He is president of Blue Cactus Consulting (, and CEO of Native State Therapeutics, a recently-formed biotechnology company, in the neurodegenerative space.

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Faz Bashi, Member of BOD, Life Science Angels

Faz Bashi is a physician, scientist, and investor in Silicon Valley focusing on innovations in Healthcare and Life Sciences for humans and animals/pets.  He is currently Lead Venture Investor with Portfolia’s FemTech Fund™ which focuses on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health and wellness throughout their lives. From fertility solutions to menopausal care and overall fitness, the fund will invest in high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and grant women greater health and wellness.

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Petra Meyer, Managing Director – HealthCare Sector Group Lead, Golden Seeds

I joined Golden Seeds, a nationwide angel network and venture fund, that invests in early-stage women-led companies in 2019 and serve as Managing Director and Co- Chair of the healthcare sector committee. Founded in 2005, Golden Seeds has invested over $130 million in women-led companies in technology, health care, consumer products and media. In my ‘day job’ I am the principal of Inspired Solutions, a boutique consultancy specializing in marketing, go to market and growth strategy based in New York City. Prior to founding my own business, I held a number of senior executive positions in major multinational corporations in Pharma (Merck/Boots Healthcare International), Pharmacy Retail and services (Walgreens Boots Alliance) and Consumer Products (Unilever). I worked internationally across Europe, North & South America and the major Asian markets, China and India. My functional experience spans strategy, marketing, sales, innovation and general management. I have a Master in International Business from Bayreuth University. I speak and work in English, French and German.

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Ben Sun, Investor/member, Sand Hill Angels

Ben travels frequently between China and the Bay Area. He is the managing director and co-president of the Keiretsu Forum in Shanghai. Ben is also affiliated with several other angel funds, including Angelvest in Shanghai and TLSK Capital in San Francisco. Ben was previously the director of business development for ChinaSF, an initiative of the City of San Francisco to bolster job creation in the city and to develop economic ties with Chinese companies.

Ben grew up in mainland China and moved to the US for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biochemistry at the University of Nevada. For the past 10 years, he has consulted with US and Chinese companies about entering foreign markets.

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Thomas Vogelsong, Director, Deal Flow, KYTO Technology and Life Science

I am an Angel investor in MedTech as well as an advisor/investor/consultant with a number of startups in the medtech area. I have technical expertise along with business development and executive experience in startups as well as in medium size and large companies. I have helped companies raise capital as well as setting a vision for growth, develop a plan to get there, and helping them execute their plan to achieve success. I have demonstrated these capabilities in growing revenues and delivering cutting edge products particularly in sensors and systems for medical, commercial, consumer, industrial, scientific, and defense applications.

I am applying these skills to help companies grow through technical and business development consulting via Imaging Innovations, investing directly in MedTech startups, and in private equity investment via Kyto Technologies and Life Sciences. I am an advisor/investor/consultant with Silicon Valley Advantage, Kyto Technology and Life Science, Qanopy, InQCel, RedCrow, Balanced Business Advisors, and Principle Imaging.