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Sanket Chauhan
Founder & CEO

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We are building the Tesla for endoscopic procedures.
We are developing Automated Endoscopic Robots for procedures such as Upper and Lower GI endoscopy, Cystoscopy and Ureteroscopy, Endotracheal Intubation and Bronchoscopy. Our core technology is AI based Automated Robotic Endoluminal Navigation (AREN) and is supplemented by an IoT infrastructure that enables us to offer an integrated stakeholder experience to patients, physicians and the hospital leadership.
The automated scanning of the anatomy is performed in a predetermined fashion ensuring all areas are visualized. During scanning, our AI/ML algorithms that are developed after extensive training on the images, identify the target anatomy and screen for any visual abnormality. If identified and when indicated, the robot will recommend the procedure to perform. Upon confirmation from the physician, the robot will mark a trajectory on the lesion predicting the exact location where the intervention will be done. Upon confirmation from the physician, the robot will perform the procedure. All this is automated and done under the supervision of the physician who has the capability to manually override at any time.
Additionally, in addition to providing us with important data for business analytics, the IoT infrastructure and data warehouse also offers value-added interactive interfaces to our stakeholders for a superior experience and engagement.

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