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Quorum X Diagnostics (QXD) –We are a medical diagnostic company developing fast, better, simpler diagnostics for at-Home and Point-of-Care. Our core platform technology based on Microbial communication also known as quorum sensing. By listening to microbial chatter we can determine who’s there, how many are there and eventually determine what is the microbe’s next move.

We listen to bacterial armies as they plan to attack the body (they talk), we identify what they are saying and planning. Their communication method is called Quorum Sensing, hence the company name Quorum X, Diagnostics. By listing to bacterial chatter we can develop faster, better, more sensitive diagnostics. Not only can we identify the organism, and quantify but we can determine where they are in the infection cycle. These are things none of the other technologies can do. This opens a pandora’s box on how to diagnose and treat infections. This allows a faster way of identifying them, quantifying and determining their next move.

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