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PurMinds is an innovative precision neuromedicine company pursuing breakthrough solutions to neurodegenerative diseases by progressing a robust clinical pipeline derived from multi-omics studies and an AI and data driven drug discovery platform.

PurMinds drug development pipeline includes small molecule, psychedelic and other therapeutic candidates. Our near- and medium-term milestones include multiple pre-clinical studies, clinical trials and patent filings targeting diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and Frontotemporal Dementia, etc.

PurMinds’ PurPrecision NeuroMedicine Discovery Platform is powered by leading-edge neuronal screening technologies, multi-omics studies, big data and machine learning engines. It can generate unique molecular signatures of the diseases and novel therapeutic targets that directly inform and continuously refine and de-risk our pipeline.

PurMinds owns a neurolab in Ontario with Health Canada approved license for Controlled Substances (Narcotics & psychedelics).

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