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PerZeption is a medical device company that is offering vision diagnostics. These are computer-based, response-adaptive, rapid, easy-to-use, and self-administered tests, which generate analyses instantly.

Our products do not require technically-trained staff to administer the tests, can be deployed on a single device rather than on multiple devices (thus are more environmentally-friendly), are response-adaptive therefore homing in on critical performance levels of vision, are gamifiable and thus child-friendly, have a generalizable method across many visual functions, including standard functions that are offered by competitors and novel functions that are currently without competition. PerZeption results have a higher diagnostic resolution than current tests and therefore are able to pick up even small changes of visual perception, which are critical for detecting the presence, progression and remediation of visual disorders. Our early adopters range from clinicians to researchers in both the eyecare and mental healthcare sector, including sites at Harvard Medical School, New England College of Optometry, Mass Eye and Ear Hospital Boston, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

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