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nRichDX is a commercial stage manufacturer of FDA-registered, IVD-labeled pre-analytical products for the molecular diagnostic industry. The nRichDX Revolution Sample Prep System was designed from the ground up to significantly enhance the sensitivity of all downstream liquid biopsy-based cancer testing in order to enable detection and treatment at earlier stages and lower allele frequencies. It achieves this through a patented process that enables the extraction of molecular targets (cfDNA, cfRNA, CTCs, exosomes, etc.) from a wide range of sample volumes (1mL-50mL) at an industry-leading recovery efficiency of 80%-90%. The company’s current application is for the detection/extraction of cfDNA/ctDNA from both plasma and urine, and it is launching a cfRNA/cfTNA application in Q2 2022.

Multiple independent comparative studies have been performed by commercial companies and prestigious academic centers (including Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Massachusetts General) that confirm the superior performance of the Revolution System. When monitoring cancer patients for minimal residual disease, the Revolution System’s performance translates to greater test sensitivity, earlier detection and earlier therapy intervention…superior patient outcomes.

nRichDX has 15 issued and 9 pending patents (foreign and domestic) including a broad method and systems patent granted in the USA, EU, Korea, China and India that prevents competitors from reverse engineering the process that enables its superior performance.

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