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We have developed IGI 2.0 (IGI 1.0 is FDA approved), a high-precision, dual surgical navigation and robotic surgery system for dental implantology with future applications to other precise surgeries. IGI extends the usefulness of in-office dental CT scanners (42,000 in USA, 27,000 in Europe) from diagnosis and planning to execution of the actual surgical procedure. Dentists can perform: precise, predictable and repeatable procedures with high levels of confidence, less patient trauma, and great aesthetic results.


Our transformative robotic auto-stop feature stops the drill when it is outside the planned trajectory, thereby providing robotic surgery without the robot. IGI’s best-in-class, high-accuracy (0.35 mm +/- .14mm) tracking with no observable lag (50 milliseconds refresh rate) iis the foundation of our auto-stop. This supersedes the requirement for a large and expensive haptics / positional robot to counteract lag. Dr. Moll characterized this as ‘robotic surgery without the robot’.

See: IGI auto-stop video (20 seconds, password: igiauto)