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ES Digital Health is an aggregator for all of the other “patient portals” from medical providers/hospitals/clinics as well as information from the patient regarding diet, allergies, over the counter vitamins, supplements, dental records, vision records, surgery images, genetics, prescriptions and other viable data.

Once all the records are loaded either from the web-portal or APP stores we will be able to use “AI” to help you be healthier. Our embedded e-commerce site will allow patients to purchase healthcare items from curated vendors from our 40 years in healthcare. This would include nutrition counseling for diabetic patients or those struggling with “BMI issues”. A user guide to promote well-being.

We will also gather de-identified groups of data points for “NIH grants” and working with Pharma to create drugs currently not on the market for Gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free lifestyles. By changing the approach and letting patients not only control and maintain the record they will be more vested with the treatment plans and will provide valuable feedback to medical professionals. With our tool patients can note adverse reactions to medications and treatments in real time.

This product has already been tested and enjoyed in all our test markets.

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