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Dianyx Innovations is raising the bar for oral appliance therapy (OAT).
OAT is an FDA-approved therapy for use in treating obstructive sleep apnea.
For every 1 million sleep apnea patients, 700,000 can wear an oral appliance.
However, 86% of sleep medicine providers cite a lack of compliance and efficacy data as a reason they do not prescribe this therapy more.

Our flexible sensor technology pairs with current oral appliances, providing key stakeholders with rich data (sleep duration, oxygen desaturation, heart rate variability, body temperature, muscle activity, and pH). Our current proof of concept model has been internally validated against 1 FDA-approved and 1 FDA-cleared sensor with less than 2% discrepancy in measuring oxygen desaturation and heart rate.

We are pre-FDA, pre-revenue seeking 1.8 million in funding to develop our Beta prototype, continue algorithm development, and support the FDA clinical trial.

We have two patents pending.
Our strategic partners include Respire/Whole You, an oral appliance manufacturer, Galen Data, an FDA-approved cloud management software firm, and MonitAir Health, a remote patient monitoring platform with a specific focus on sleep apnea management products.

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