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Ares Immunotherapy is a cellular immunotherapy company with a platform technology for the treatment of solid tumors. Our intellectual property is based on a unique subset of CD4+CD26hi T-cells that deliver substantial improvements in a solid tumor setting and a shortened manufacturing process that reduces risk and cost of goods. Across every measure we have tested, both in vitro and in vivo, our technology is superior to currently available adoptive T cell therapies and other novel T-cell candidates in development. Our potent anti-tumor response is driven by an increased cytokine secretion, improved homing and migration, and prolonged in-vivo persistence powered by a resistance to apoptosis and stemness properties. The technology is a platform that can generate products across all T cell modalities including chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, enhanced T cell receptor (eTCR) therapies and can be used to isolate high potency Tumor Infiltrating Lymphoctyes (TILs). Our lead candidate is a CAR-T cell targeted against mesothelin. In animal studies, across multiple solid tumor types, we have shown a tremendous increase in efficacy compared to conventional CAR-T, leading to increased levels of tumor regression even up to full tumor ablation. Data to date shows that our therapy can lead to a greater quality of life and survival rates for individual with mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and more. We are preparing for a first in man trial in mesothelioma followed by subsequent trials in other mesothelin containing solid tumors. We have a well-seasoned team of advisers and experienced leadership with decades of cell therapy development experience.

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