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Li-Fen Lee
Chief Executive Officer

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Apeximmune Therapeutics harnesses the power of the immune system to treat and cure cancer. We discover and develop innovative therapeutic antibodies against novel targets to modulate immune cell activity and elicit durable efficacy in cancer. Apeximmune’s pioneering target discovery platform – ApexAIM™ combines bioinformatics and machine learning with biological assays to quickly enable identification of novel immune modulating targets. Currently, antibodies for three immuno-oncology target programs (AIM-101,103, 104) are in the pre-clinical stage and are being actively developed with the goal of reaching IND status within 12-15 months. Our team has extensive expertise in immunology, cellular and molecular tumor biology, antibody generation, protein characterization and optimization, pharmacokinetics, and the regulatory process, Apeximmune is well positioned to identify and develop biologics/antibodies against novel targets involved in cancer immune modulation.