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OtoNexus Medical Technologies’ state-of-the-art advanced ultrasound otoscope analyzes the presence and type of effusion so that primary care pediatricians can instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections. This type of information has never been available before without an invasive procedure. The device resembles a traditional otoscope and can fit in a lab coat pocket, but that is where the similarities end. The OtoNexus advanced ultrasound otoscope leverages the capabilities of a unique and patented ultrasound technology to assess the presence and type of infection in children and adults. Unlike other ultrasound technology, this device does not utilize ultrasound gel, but instead works through the air, making it ideal for use in the ear. In addition, it can take photos and videos for easy reference and sharing with patients and parents. This inexpensive ultrasound device provides data in seconds and is easy to use by physicians or non-physician personnel worldwide. A tool that provides a quantitative, definitive approach to the diagnosis of middle ear infections is essential for treatment. At last, clinicians will have a tool to determine the smart use of antibiotics. Definitive, objective diagnostic data identifying both the presence and the type of infection will lead to improved patient outcomes, better and faster treatment, reduced antibiotic usage, and significantly reduced healthcare costs.

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