Digital RESI Pitch Session

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Meesha Dogan
Co-Founder & CEO

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Cardio Diagnostics, a MedTech company, is advancing a patent-pending DNA-based biomarker testing technology, Epi+Gen, for precision prevention and early detection of cardiovascular disease. This technology integrates a DNA biomarker called epigenetics with genetics for a more comprehensive assessment of risk, to reduce the enormous and unnecessary deaths associated with cardiovascular disease. Our first product, Epi+Gen CHD, is an at-home, telemedicine-based, clinical, AI-driven test to assess the risk of having a heart attack or sudden death within three years, and provides actionable insights that physicians can use to direct care. It has been independently validated with Intermountain Healthcare and will launch in Q3 2020. We are also developing a series of products with this technology for stroke and heart failure.

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