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Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s innovation begins with repurposing small molecules to advance therapeutics for the greater good of society with a worldwide reach. We have 24 patents awarded and pending while we develop the safest, oral, and most potent anti-inflammatory with non-opioid pain relief.

When COVID-19 became the world’s challenge, Sen-Jam did, what Sen-Jam does. We re-tooled our product to address SARS-CoV-2. Our product (SJP-002) provides anti-viral plus potent broad spectrum anti-inflammatory capabilities to modulate the disease course of COVID-19. SJP-002 was specifically designed to be oral, safe, inexpensive, potent, yet accessible to all. In 12 weeks we have established partnerships around the world and we plan to be in human trials Summer 2020!

Recently, we kicked off our equity crowdfunding campaign on RedCrow’s listing platform.  In just 15 minutes you can review the Pitch section of the platform viewing our new video, new deck, and company description.  Signing up is easy, email address and password.  The platform has all of the company material as well as the terms and conditions of the offering.

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