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Strados Labs is a medical technology company harnessing the power of smart sensors and AI to provide early detection and predictions of worsening diseases for enhanced patient care. Strados Labs developed its flagship and first-of-its-kind smart sensor platform for respiratory health, RESP™. The cloud-based engine and smart sensor aids in the early and remote detection of key changes in lung acoustics and respiratory patterns of patients. It also acts as an extension of care team’s—reducing clinician-to-patient contact, integrating with existing clinical workflows, pairing lung sounds and breathing patterns to build robust and accurate depictions of patient’s pulmonary sounds using patent-pending algorithms. RESP™ also has the potential to help predict and avoid pulmonary failure events that are life-threatening and costly. RESP™ is used in respiratory clinical trials to capture lung sound measurements data as primary and exploratory endpoints. Healthcare systems and settings (e.g., hospitals—in- and out-patient, clinical trials, research, and nursing homes) use it to enhance patient care, provide continuous monitoring, collect respiratory data while reducing readmissions and providing cost-savings.

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