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Susan Bratton
CEO and Founder

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Savor Health is a digital health company that provides personalized nutrition as intervention to prevent and manage chronic medical conditions to improve adherence and compliance, prevent dose reduction and treatment suspension, extend survival, prevent unnecessary utilization and healthcare spending and most importantly improve patient and caregiver quality of life.  Savor’s virtual dietitian, Ina (the “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant”), provides 24/7 “on demand” nutritional guidance and support via SMS text. Leveraging our proprietary expert platform, Ina’s interventions are customized to support each individual’s unique clinical needs, issues and context through matching algorithms which identify the most appropriate intervention from our database of over 75,000 evidence based interventions, all of which are fully referenced and cited from tier one scientific journals. Through partnerships and grants with academic medical centers, NCI cancer centers and leading medical providers, Savor Health is building evidence to validate “nutrition-as-intervention” as a reimbursed standard of care.

The goal of Savor Health is to democratize access to personalized, evidence-based nutrition intervention, guidance and education for people living with chronic medical conditions. And, to empower patients with symptom and disease-self management tools that give them back control, allow them to remain independent and improve their quality of life.

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