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Opticyte is a start-up company developing the first cell O2 monitor to reduce organ failure. The total addressable market for the device is $3.4B. Our noninvasive medical device will help reduce organ failure by identifying oxygen deficiency in the cell in real time. Sepsis has a 20% mortality rate worldwide and is a major hospital expense. The cell O2 monitor will provide clinicians with definitive resuscitation targets so that they can deliver treatment to restore systemic oxygen levels before irreversible organ damage occurs.

Founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, Opticyte is a spin-off of the University of Washington. Compelling pre-clinical and preliminary clinical data have been obtained and published. An observational study to demonstrate the promise of the cell O2 monitor for early detection of sepsis and real-time guidance for fluid resuscitation is underway in two major Seattle hospitals.