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NanoPharmaceuticals has developed a new precision drug, NP571, shown to be highly effective in preclinical studies against human glioblastoma (GBM) grafted into animals.  The dearth of effective clinical treatment for GBM currently imposes a median survival time of nine months on patients with this cancer, rising to 15-16 months for those receiving standard of care surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy.

• NP’s Founders discovered a cell surface receptor for thyroid hormone on the plasma membrane, Thyrointegrin αvβ3, that regulates intracellular signaling pathways essential to cell cycle (cell division) and cancer cell protection from self-destruction, and intercellular signaling pathways that support tumor propagation. NP’s scientists then discovered that by blocking the thyroid hormone, T4, at Thyrointegrin αvβ3 with a tetrac (a naturally-occurring derivative of T4), you could control the expression of large numbers of cancer cell genes, but spare normal cells.

• NP751, a tetrac-modified compound, achieved anti-cancer effectiveness without triggering any discernible side effects in preclinical models. A lack of cytotoxicity reflects the fact that our drug does not enter the nucleus of the cell and goes only to the activated thyrointegrin on cancer cells and tumor-associated rapidly dividing blood vessels. 

• NP’s vision is to become a sustainable translational research and early-stage pharmaceutical business, with the primary mission of performing translational drug development from preclinical studies up to phase 2 clinical trials

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