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Manzanita Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a nerve imaging agent company that will aid “nerve sparing” in prostate cancer surgery by selectively lighting the cavernous nerves, the neurovascular bundle located next to the prostate.

The cavernous nerves are those believed to be at-risk during prostate removal surgery (robot-assisted laparoscopic or open procedure). Complications still occur despite “nerve sparing” published 30 years ago (Walsh et al., 1982).

The nerve imaging agent Nervelight(TM) is our first product, for which the market is $1.2B. The remainder of the pipeline is worth up to $100B: two of the ideas in the pipeline expand the Nervelight(TM) market by 25X. Another idea is to treat the inflammation (not amyloid beta) in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. All three of these ideas are in the $3M Series A raise.