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For 8 to 15% couples of child bearing age, worldwide, each year, conceiving will be possible only with medical help. However, Assisted Reproductive Technologies are still low and the treatments entail a lengthy and difficult process #FertilityJourney.
The ovarian stimulation is one of its hardest and longest part. During the stimulation, the physician needs to monitor follicle growth very closely so as to update the hormonal treatment and avoid complications. This monitoring requires intra vaginal ultrasounds as often as once every other day or sometimes more (on average 8 times per cycle) for an optimum standard of care yielding the best results. Thus an optimal level of monitoring translates into high costs for the payers, iterative clinic visits, waste of valuable working hours and high stress level for the patient…

Our solution is an at-home monitoring ovarian stimulation system comprising an ultrasound personal device (IMMA.Gyn™) in the hand of the patient, manipulation-free, fully automated, an ultrasound transformer (Max.IMMA™) to translate and relay the signal to the cloud, an AI algorithm (IMMA.Nent™) to analyze and render the data into comprehensible report and a secure application (IMMapp™) to enable swift and efficient communication between the woman and her medical team.

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