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The genome is a superset of possible things. Epigenetics defines what is actually done in any cell – including cancer cells. Episteme’s technology uses Open Chromatin – the best tool there is to investigate epigenetics – for patient diagnostics. Providing clinically actionable information for cancer and other patients.

Episteme’s technology and IP is broadly applicable to clinical diagnostics for cancer and other patients. Our initial focus is to commercialize a diagnostic for pancreatic cancer: EpistemeDX.

EpistemeDX is a novel and actionable epigenetic diagnostic test for predicting chemotherapy response in pancreatic cancer patients. It identifies the 10% of patients who will respond to standard chemotherapy and allows the other 90% of patients to try alternative therapy as early as possible.

No other test or technology can do this in pancreatic cancer, a devastating disease that is predicted to be the #2 cancer killer in the US by 2030. The technology was developed at Dartmouth and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, leading to a 54 patient study that was published in Nature Communications earlier this year.

Episteme Prognostics was founded by Dr. Steven Leach, Director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center and one of his senior research scientists, Surajit Dhara. We are ready to commercialize this test and get it in the hands of pancreatic cancer patient’s and their clinicians.